Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am so grateful for these little rugrats. They bring fullness ot my life!
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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Happy 2nd!

Tuesday was Quincy's second birthday. This boy's world revolves around cars. To say he is obssessed is a HUGE understatement. So...I pulled a few strings and made sure "Cars 2" was released in time for his birthday.

I wish I would have been to capture his facial expression when he first saw his cake. It was priceless.

Opening "Cars 2" from Grandma Allred. Another facial expression that was priceless.

And his car carrying case from Grandma A.

My BF and cousin Katie came to visit last week. Basically we talked and talked and talked and ate. Ate a lot of dang good food. Holy cow. I was doing well in my postpartum weight loss. Now I am not. :) I did it all for you all. I was just trying to better our family recipe blog. The recipes will be posted on

My mom requested Halloween pictures of all the kids. Being the superstar mom that I am I didn't have any individual pics except for Charlotte. So...we got out the costumes and re-lived Halloween. Quincy absolutely refused to wear his costume on the big day but would not take it off on Thursday. How ironic. This is his adorable spider costume.

Miss Charlotte's web
I know. I have already posted a pic of this. This is another one I took with a white background and it looks a lot better. People request thes things y'know. I gotta give my fans what they want.

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Charlotte is four weeks

Everyone says it. I know, I know. But....I cannot believe its already been fours weeks since our sweet Charlotte was born. It seems like she's been with us forever. I guess because in a way, she has. Lucky us!
And yes, she is on the trampoline. No one was jumping. We were just enjoying the weather.

Posted by PicasaThis is kind of a weird picture and she kinda looks like she has rabies with with foaming around her mouth :) but I though it really showed off her chubbs. This girl is getting CHUNK-Y. Just the way we like 'em.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October PART 1 (be sure to read all three!)

Ella is taking ballet after school on Wednesdays. After begging to take since she could talk we finally figured out something that could work. Then this week she begged me not to go. Don't ys love that? She said she didn't wanna miss out on all the family fun while she was at dance. :) I had to laugh out loud at that one.

Grandma Becky came to help me after I had Charlotte. I was discharged Sat. the 8th and she left the following Saturday! Talk about service. She got the kids on the bus every day (allowing me to sleep a little more), cooked dinner every night (and four loaves of cinnamon bread for my freezer), and did all my laundry (twice), and cleaned my entire house before she left, and took care of the kids. Wow. What a Grandma! Thanks!!!!!!

Jason took the kids to a Revolutionary War reinactment. One if his professors was in it and it was free! The kids (and Jason)  LOVED it.

The best part of the day....when all the other kids are in bed an dI actually spend time with Charlotte and cuddle her.

And she seems to like me too. :)


Uncle Bo came up to Augusta and Grandma Julie on Monday, when Char was a week and half. How lucky are we to have so many visitors!? However, Uncle Bo came under not-so-good circumstances...keep reading on to the next post....