Monday, June 29, 2009 promised

I am sure the Allred fans would be thoroughly disappointed if I did not post more pictures, as I had promised. Here's a feast of pics from Link's b-day and other cousin fun.
OHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYYY GOSH. I was in the middle of shrinking pictures and accidentally deleted ALL of the pics from Link's b-day, our recent trip to the beach, etc. Depression hurts....yes, it does. I think I am going to cry.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Lincoln!

How cute does Ella look in this picture. Strike a pose! She's in the red dress in the middle.

These are just some of the pictures I have from Link's B-day celebration on the 14th. I know, I know...I have been the worst blogger ever. What a hypocrite I am. I hate bad bloggers! :) you can tell, we had a firetruck birthday complete with a tour of the local fire station. It ended up being quite eventful because one of the genius foremen thought it was would be cool to turn on the siren and honk the horn right when 16 3-year olds walked up. Screaming ensued and most kids wouldn't even let their mom's put them down. One guest, Toby, had to go home ( I just added the pic of Toby in terror...I shouldn't laugh, but it was funny...and sad b/c he went home!). He could not recover. I have great pictures of the terror. Later, I promise. The highlight of the party for me was when Jason and London volunteered to be "fires". They taped yellow and red crepe paper streamers all over themselves and ran around while I screamed, "Put the fire out!". The kids had water guns and water balloons with which they put those flamers (don't read into that pun) out. :) It was hilarious and soooo much fun. More pics to come....stay tuned.