Saturday, July 23, 2011


So..........the countdown is on. Less than a week and we will begin our move. I say begin b/c its going to take about five days of preparation. WE are soooo excited for this new chapter in our life. Sad to leave so many great things behind here (esp. family and friends) but so excited to experience new things. However, I am WAY less than excited for the physical move. UGH. Esp. being about 7 mos pregnant and it being a million degrees outside. Oh...and the small fact that we (along with some awesome family members -pro bono of course) will be painting the ENTIRE house and reflooring the bathrooms and carpet. So, that's why its going to take about five days of prep. Nonetheless, its here. This day has finally come. I thought it would be forever when Jason and I first embarked upon the goal of heading to dental school. It was about four years ago when we started planning and dreaming. Yes, kids, plan and dream and you can accomplish anything! :)

Now....on to this post. This Summer has been a whirlwind of fun and events. At the end of July and beginning of June we had the 2011 edition of the Jewkes Family Reunion with all of my siblings and their spouses. Yes, ALL. See below. I won't judge you if you need to click on it to even see faces.....there are so many dang people! :)

Doesn't it look like a circus crew or a neighborhood? Nope. Just all my siblings and their spouses and kids. About fifty people in its entirety. Uncle Wayne took all these awesome photos. Don't ask why they are soooo tiny. No clue.

The two crazy people who handled eleven of us growing up and then welcomed fifty people into their house in June and July. Both major feats.

The staff at the dental offices are also counting down apparently! :) They threw Jason a surprise going away party with this adorable cake that said "We're Giving you the Boot". It was so sweet of all of them and Jason's face upon arrival was priceless.

And then our summer got even more eventful when at the beginning of June I picked up Quincy from the gym childcare after teaching ZUMBA and he was practically handicapped for some reason. He refused to walk on his right leg and would not stop crying. So I immediately called the gym to see if something had happened. The girl said no then Ella interrupted my phone call to say, "Yes mom! Lincoln dropped Quincy!". It was confirmed by the girl at the gym. She just didn't thin much of it. To make a long story short I took him to the doctor the next day and it was diagnosed as toxic synovitis, which is inflammation of the hip. So, I gave him Ibuprofen for the next fourteen days and he seemed to get better and better. He did not walk for about 4 days though and that was TORTURE. For him too I suspect.

After about two weeks of anti-inflammatory I was surprised at how achy his leg seemed to be in the evening. Additionally, he would have very minor falls and would cry for an hour and wouldn't walk on his leg again for up to two days. So, I called to DR's office. Again, did not think too much of it. Just told to me to look for bruising or swelling and keep an eye on it. It got better after about tow days from the various falls. After about a week of continuous crying from this sad boy (he kept falling) I finally took him in again. An x-ray was in order. They immediately saw a fracture in his tibia.
Apparently Lincoln had dropped him and he twisted when he fell so it was a bit of a spiral fracture. So, my sweet baby boy had been bearing the pain for a little over a month as I impatiently demanded that he stop crying! He has to wear this cast for only three weeks and has been a champ about it. Bathing has been a trial, but overall, its been easier than I thought.

OOPS! Back to the going away party!....The staff showered Jason with going away gifts such as gift cards, etc. His brothers gave him a huge box of their retired school stuff including this lab jacket.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Spain: Volume 6

All this Spain blogging is getting a little out of control, wouldn't you say? I am sure the proverbial you is nodding in agreement. I promise, its coming to an end. Got to document it!


The next day we headed out to the city of Ronda. It was about an hour away and if you have ever even had a hint if car sickness before in your life, you would be retching on this drive through the narrow and windy mountain roads. Poor Ali threw up countless amount of times. This is most decidedly my favorite place we went to in Spain. It was so worth the car sickness and to think we almost passed it up b/c we weren't sure of its see-worthiness. :)

Again, the gorgeous European streets. This one only for walking/shopping. No cars allowed.

This is us standing on the famous bridge that you will see in the below pictures. Its one of the top tourist sites in Spain. GORGEOUS.

Looking out from the bridge. The mountains and buildings in Ronda were breath-taking. Absolutely stunning.

The bridge crosses over this very deep and narrow canyon that you can KIND of get an idea of here.

This is a cheese ball pic Jason wanted to take b/c these roses were gorgeous and in full bloom.

Check this out. WOW. Jason and Billy and Ali hiked down a path to the bottom of the crevasse to take this pic of the bridge from below.

The city of Ronda is famous for its orange trees (which apparently aren't good and shouldn't really be eaten) and its beautiful people. Interesting. That's what the tour book said.

That night we rushed back to our hotel to catch the Flamenco dancing show at the hotel.

All about the drama these flamenco dancers are. Their facial expressions looked like they took exercise.

Of course, the best part of the show was when Jason got pulled out of the audience and had a little fling with one of the dancers.

Just a little booty shaking Spanish style.

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Spain- Volume 5

The Rock of Gibraltar

The rock of Gibraltar was just about an hour away from our Marriott in Estepona. It's called one of the legs of Hercules. They believe, according to their Greek mythology, that after Hercules was done creating the world (something like that????) that he collapsed and this is one of his legs.

There were wild baboons all over the rock. They feed them so they stay there in that habitat. They are all named and have little biographies on the wall. One was said to have had "a weight problem b/c she likes junk food too much". I can totally relate.

From the look-out point.

These signs were hilarious. It depicts a stupid tourist thinking the baboon is so cute and petting it. Then the unsuspecting tourist gets taken advantage of and the baboon takes the bag of the tourist. True story ya'll. We saw it happen. They were very aggressive. Scary aggressive.

Here we are leaving Gibraltar. You can see all three flags here...Gibraltar flag, British flag and Spanish flag. The Rock of Gibraltar is a holding of Spain's and you have to have your passport to go. Its this tiny little part of Britain on Spain. They have fish n chips restaurants and the whole nine yards.