Sunday, July 12, 2009

When Dad's take their sons to baseball games unsupervised

What happens when Daddy's take their sons to baseball games unsupervised??? Funny you should ask that.....see this is what happened.
Jason and Link went to Braves game about 2 weeks ago...unsupervised. :) Link was sitting in the unstable stadium floppy chairs. You know the type. It was flopping. Link was picking his nose or digging for gold...who knows. He's got his finger up his nose a lot these days. All the sudden, his precarious balance on the front of the the floppy chair is threatened and he gets slammed to the back of the seat in mid nose pick. Thus, his finger jammed up his nose. A fair amount of crying was reported by Jason. He was hysterical again when I wiped his face when he got home. The next morning he was sniffling a lot. He told me there were bugars (how do you spell's not the spell check...go figure) in his nose so I gave him a kleenex to blow and nothing came out. The next minute he was sneezing and lot of stuff came out all over the kitchen chair. I looked closely at a brown clump and observed something very strange. There was a peanut in the snot. A PEANUT! So this is the conclusion: Link was playing and putting a peanut up his nose when his balance was compromised and the peanut was shoved up. Poor guy...he slept all night with that jammed up his nose. It reminds of me the Simpson's episode where Homer had shoved crayons up his nose when he was a baby. This was the explanation for his stupidity.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

These are the only pics taken on the fourth, given generously by Uncle Ben. Jason is definitely the best uncle ever. I don't know one niece or nephew that doesn't adore him. Above, he is here with his favorite baby- Ainsley. look like you belong on the exotic beaches of Italy. I forgot hims swimsuit that day and only remember his uber-classy swim diaper with froggies on them. What a stud. He wears it like a champ. I forgot to blog about this. Ella is taking swimming lessons and is doing a stellar job. I am proud of her. She loves her teacher, Christine. She really thinks she is swimming all by herself. She doesn't even realize that even though she's making great progress, she's got a long way to go.

The reward for not screaming her head off.

A Mother's Intuition

A mother's intuition-I have found- means nothing. For months now (five to be exact) I have been so sure I was going to bringing another Allred lady into the world. I was so sure of it I even bought the most beautiful blessing dress in the world for the little intended one. Well, obviously I was wrong. We are expecting a little boy at the beginning of November. My OB insisted I wait until 22 weeks (TORTURE) to find out the sex. That left me way too much time to find really cute things on clearance that I just couldn't things. Oh well. Not that I am disappointed. Really, I am not. I was just so sure b/c of my symptoms and things like that. I really didn't care which I had. I am thrilled to be having another little joy because to be frank, I can't handle the drama of one little girl- much less two. Tell me what names you like!!!!!

This is too cute. This was Ella's response when I told her I was having a boy:
E:Mom, can we name the baby Sally.
Me: Honey, it's a boy. That's a girl's name.
E: Oh. I wonder what it's face is look like. I wonder what color it's eyes is.

Cute little girl! I have been wondering the same thing! We can't wait.

Friday, July 3, 2009

More as promised....again

Ok, so I guess I am a little dramatic. I really thought I lost my pics, but Emily helped me find them in the....wait for it...recycle bin. DUH. So I guess I am a fan of this "green" movement because I am a huge fan of recycling if it means getting my pictures recovered. I am going green. :)

Grandma Becky took all the grand kids out for ice cream (with coupons of course) after a traditional trip to El Charro, followed by a gumball (last pic).

After Link's party on Saturday we had our eyes set on Florida. The cousins were in town and so it was perfect. We all packed in ( should've seen the car) and drove down. The kids' favorite part of the trip was when cousin Gabe and the Sophia and Lillian would catch little tiny fish in the ocean with a net and then they would put them in the little pools for the kids to torture. It was a fish cemetery by the end of it. Fun times.