Saturday, February 27, 2010

Let the birthday games begin

Is there anyone else out there that feels like every time their kid's birthday rolls around they throw about five different parties with five different cakes? it's a little exhausting....nonetheless, I love celebrating my little ones' day. Ella just turned five on Thursday. We celebrated with my fam on Sunday because a lot of people were going out of town. Exhibit #1:

Then on her actual birthday Jason decorated the house complete with a "red carpet" running down the stairs. I made he favorite breakfast of crumb cake and eggs adn then dropped her at school with a tray of homemade cupcakes. I should mention that my time-bake did not work on my oven so in actuality I made the cupcakes twice- the first ones being burned. Exhibit #2:

Notice the red carpet and Ella looking as glamorous as ever! Work it Ella!

Then today we actually had a party of sorts. Jason took the two older kids to a mega maze while Quincy and I were "up in the gym working on my fitness". Then we had some choice people over to have Ella's long awaited castle cake and hot dogs and presents. Exhibit #3:

It never hurts to have a little pink bling on your ice cream cone. Ella thought it was the coolest thing ever. A little karo syrup and pink cake decorating crystals is all.
All in all, I think we made Ella's day turned into week pretty special and that's what counts. My baby girl is five! Happy Birthday Ella Moe!

PS- Yes, there is a slight change in my appearance.....I went darkish reddish. But not by choice. I was the victim of a major chemical spill of bleach, thus forcing my hand into becoming a red's actually growing on me. I cut it too....mullet style.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

We Be Rockin that BEAT!!!

There she is...Fergie see that tiny dot?? :)

Some girls from the dental office and I went out to the Black Eyed Peas concert on Thursday night. LMFAO and Ludacris opened up. It was so much fun. They are GREAT performers and good singers to. I have many a few concerts where I left wondering how they ever got a contract.

PS- The duck tape on Lincoln's doorknob worked!!! Now I just have to deal with new issues. Like for instance- the fact that my son is a kleptomaniac. He stole from Joann's fabric's the other day. I guess he thought the ring pop was NOT worth jail time b/c when I told him he could go to jail for stealing (nothing like scare tactics) he wanted to return it.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How do you solve a problem like Lincoln????

I have been going around singing that tune for a while these days. Here's the latest problem that needs solving:
In order for me to be a good mom I need to be a good Claire. That involves me putting the kids in seclusion for about an hour or two everyday for "quiet" time. They have fully outgrown naps. The only solution for Link's devious nature is for me to lock him in his room. So I went to the trouble of turning around his doorknob in hopes of having a peaceful quiet time. I know, I sound abusive...but I promise, it's for his own good and really was the lest resort. I have tried EVERYTHING. The first time Link got out of his locked room I was completely in shock. I ran through my memory just to make sure that I did indeed lock the door. How could a three year old get out of a locked room?? Thank goodness for his honesty because I simply asked him how he got out and he told me he used money. He had some pennies lying around in his room that fit perfectly into the horizontal indentation of the lock. All he had to do was put the penny into the indentation and turn it and it came unlocked. The ingenuity! I was really annoyed but at the same time couldn't help but think that he was quite smart....or mischievous...whatever you wanna call it.
I thought I was smarter than him and so the next day I strip-searched him and gave him the pat down and removed all contraband from his room. About an hour later I saw him lurking about....again! I was really kind of annoyed at this point. This time he said he used the hard corner of his blanket. What three year old thinks of these things????? Next thing I know he's going to be making a shiv out of legos! We have a McGyver on our hands.

My next move: I will put duck tape on the lock so he'll have to use a lot of force and I don't think his blanket can handle that kind of job. I will keep you posted.