Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hallelujah!!!!! Fall has begun. Translation: it is below 90- degrees in GA. It has been so hot up until this weekend that our upstairs AC unit couldn't keep up. It would get up to 84 degrees upstairs. Swelterting to sleep in. Goo thing I sleep in seventy-six degree comfort downstairs! Poor kids. :)

Qunicy's main mode of trasporation these days- Ella. Either she carts him around or drags him by his arms while he giggles with delight.
S'mores. First of the season. Total and utter delight.

Mother tested kid approved. S'more's with Reeses. Definitely. Thanks Jen for the tip.

Could these S'more faces be any cuter?

We had fall craft night again this year at my place. Remember the "Harvest" blocks from last year? Well, we did it again. This project was inspired and organized by Emily and cost about $5 to make. So cute!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Magic Man

I love Mr. Eraser. I know you all do too. Something that gets permanent marker off the wall? A must for a mother with toddlers. Today, the magic man achieved what I thought would be impossible. My friend and I were coloring each others' hair in an effort to save money. Thanks to my sister Julie (a hair dresser), I am able to get the professional products and professional advice. I set out towels under our chairs and everything. I thought I took every precaution because this stuff stains. After my friend left, I noticed a HUGE circle of dye that leaked through the towel on to the floor. And a long drip by the oven on the floor. And a big (about 8 inch) drip on my cupboard doors. *GULP*. First thought: Jason's gonna flip. I didn't believe the magic eraser would actually work. Obviously it did or I would not be writing a post. Instead I would be writing asking all of you how to re-finish little spots of floor/cupboards. Wow. He really is magic. Who'da thunk?

Jason is at the BYU-FL game today down on Tallahassee. He went down with some friends and his brother Ben last night. Everyone knows I am the BIGGEST chicken. Jason knows this all too well. He asked me to turn the sprinkler off when I got home from yesterday. He was already on his way to the game. I went out and he had strategically placed a snake skin on the door mat. Yes, I screamed. It looked like a real snake.


Then the other night we had to vacate the house at 11:30 at night with our children b/c our genius neighbor decided it was a good idea to try and shoot an armadillo (aren't those things made of armor or something anyway?) and he missed and hit his propane line. So, the firemen told us we had to vacate. Soooo....we went conveniently down the street to my moms. Sleep was lost. But oh well. BTW...I just want to add that I haven't seen that neighbor and I keep on expecting him to come apologize for his asinine behavior and for making my family vacate at 11:30 at night. RUDE. That's not the point. On to Jason and the things he does to scare me....So we went to my mom's to sleep. I won't go into details but there's been a lot of snake sitings in places where snakes should not be. I mentioned this to him on our way over. So what does my sensitive husband do? He puts a very realistic snake under my pillow. You can guess what happened. Thanks Honey!

AH.......I digress. On to what my point is......

So, like I said, Jason is in FL. Every time he goes out of town I have a sleepless night. I play out scenarios in my head of things that could happen to my children while I -seemingly-carelessly and irresponsibly sleep. Such are the thoughts of someone overtired. I review in my mind where the gun is (don't even ask....) and how to operate it, what our escape plan would be. I sleep by my phone in case I need to call 9-1-1. Ridiculous things. I thought maybe if I had a little company in my bed I would sleep better. And for some reason I got a lot of comfort from letting Lincoln sleep with me. He protected me last night. Thank you Lincoln for your bravery, smelly toots, kicks, talking, etc. I actually did sleep better.

My fearless protector.

See how strong he is?

Why do I have pictures of combat and candy and cheese, etc? Well, it's not to display our ant problem. I got all of this stuff for $27 last week. It's value was $98. In case you can't see everything there are ten bags of nestle candy, six bags of Kraft cheese, two bags of green giant veggies, 3 jars of Newman's own pasta sauce....ok, now I am bragging. I will stop. You can see. I would just like to point out though that the combat alone worth around $18. Oh, and the grapes were not on sale. I payed full price. Which was about 3 or 4 dollars. WOW!!!! Good times at Publix.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

No longer an angel

I think my little Quincy is channeling a little AC/DC behavior- rebellion. Whatever it is...he has definitely turned over a new leaf. Although I am of course still crazy about the kid, my expressions of "Quincy, NO!" are already getting more and more frequent.
First of all, he has discovered not only how to open cupbaords but has discovered this specific cupboard which I desperately need to get clips on. There are a million tiny peices in this thing. It used to be Link's favorite play spot. He would pull out everything, several times a day. I am bracing for that. Or, I could be smart and just buy a clip from Wal-mart. But where's the fun in that?

My brother-in-law Billy was here about a week ago and he said the funniest, true-est thing about Quincy. He said Quincy has "dandelion" hair and he felt like if he just blew it and made a wish that wish would come true. So accurate of his little blond duck fuzz.

This is his most recent facial expression. He makes this when he is really excited. Which, bless his sweet little heart, is really often. He will flex all the muscles in his tiny adorable body and scream "AH!" and make this face.

He loves to stand on things now, wriggle out of my lap only to escape onto some filthy floor and crawl around. He loves to rip the floor guard fuzzy things off the bottoms of our kitchen stools and suck on them. Loves to suck on the shopping cart or movie theater seat. He is showing an increasing amount of interest in the stairs and he loves love loves to hit the spoon of baby food right out of my hands so it splatters artistically. FUN FUN. Oh, and play in the ashes of my fireplace. Oh, and now he cries when he goes to sleep (just for a minute or two) hoping that Daddy will come back. And he usually does.

But we love him.

Especially his adorable blue eyes and perma grin.