Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Quincy and Claire show

That's pretty much my life these days. Quincy and I send off the kiddos on the bus every morning and then its him and I taking on the world. We pretty much invent things to do to make our days together interesting.

After we send the kids on the bus his favorite thing to do is sit on the porch and watch all the cars and trucks go by while he mumbles, "vrrrooom".

He's a super helper in the kitchen. Here he is helping me make oreo truffles. There will be a few less oreos than called for in this batch.
Since we have moved here our kids get on the trampoline no less than once a day. Quincy gets on it probably three times a day. They NEVER got on at our old house. Must be about the nice fenced-in backyard, soft grass, and its only a few feet from the back door. Back in Brooks you were taking your life in your hands going to the tramp. Who knows what kind of critter might jump out at you. :)

I realize this is very fuzzy. Its cropped. I just wanted to capture his feather hair. Or, as some would call it- "dandelion" hair. So sweet.

This little creature in Link's hand has a death wish. It was found roaming our front yard a few days before school started. Besides providing the kids with tons of entertainment, I mostly don't like her. There. I said it. She meows INCESSANTLY and the little feline thinks she invincible. She practically walks under me when I take Q out to the tramp multiple times a day. Does she not know that would be like an elephant trampling a mouse. Did I really just compare myself to an elephant? Yes. Its getting to that point. I have five weeks to go.
Anyway....on to the death wish. She climbs ridiculously high in the tree in our backyard as if she thinks I am going to rescue her. She's almost fallen out a couple times. And she actually lets Quincy hold her which is terrifying. He will procure her by any convenient limb and hold her by that singular limb. He has sat on her and thrown her several times. And let me just clarify...while I am not an animal (I should say pet) lover I do not allow pet cruelty. I just had to put that out there for all of you who's mouths are agape that I allow such treatment. I don't. Quincy has become quite familiar with time-out due to his accersion of power with the cat.

Did I mention that Ella gave her cat quite a clever little name? She calls her MOW-E. Get it? I assure you she doesn't but I think its a little ingenious. The letters M-E-O-W switched around. So its pronounced like Maui, the island.

Now this...this could be child cruelty. :)

I knew Quincy's diaper was wet.

I was preoccupied and it was almost bedtime. Meaning: inevitable diaper change.
The kids have gotten really quite methodical when it comes to getting Q off and on the tramp. Well, one of these times his diaper just gave in and fell down. But for some reason the sticky tabs were still stuck to him. Q did not even notice.

Way too busy to care about public nudity.

The kids' favorite trampoline partner. And he also just could be the cause of what could possibly be a broken arm right now on our sweet Ella. Double bouncing should be for older kids not 2,5,and 6 yr olds. Jason thinks its for him. As for the broken limb-we will see in the morning. You never know. She's great at the drama act. We will wait for swelling. Its just one of those risks you take with owning a trampoline. You know at some point, someone will probably break something.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

J's first day :)

Of course I HAD to take a picture of Jason and his first day too. I would be remiss if I didn't document this important day in Allred history. And up on the shelf you can see the huge jar of preserved teeth he took to class that his dad has been collecting for him. Who wants to take a whiff of that? YUMMY!!!!

PS- I am sure you notice the bright green "cast" on Q's leg still. He was supposed to get it off on Monday and he did but they refashioned it into this boot called an RFC just to protect him for two more weeks. The good news is its removable so I was actually able to wash that nasty leg and toes. OH- the smell. And cutting his nasty toenails has never given me so much pleasure.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Fresh start

We are off to a fresh start here in Augusta- well, Martinez. Pronounced Martin-ez. I know. Weird. Our house has fresh paint and fresh carpet, we have a freshly born kitten running around which Ella named Maui. Jason will have a fresh start at school on Wednesday and today my two oldest have a fresh year and a fresh new school to look forward to. And Quincy and I will explore our new surroundings together! And....a fresh new baby to join our family soon. So many new beginnings. We even attended our new ward yesterday and before we even went to church Jason got a call to be ward clerk. How do they even know we are the type to do our calling? Someone has been anticipating us and studying us out. The church has secretive ways. :) are some pics from this morning before the kids got on the bus. They were so excited this morning and last night. Jason gave them both a father's blessing and both of them expressed concern with making friends. Lincoln sepcifically said, "I am worried cuz I want Pooker (Cooper-cousin)". They had a special waffle breakfast and then it was time to go.

Yes, Lincoln is carrying his lunch in a toy story gift bag. HEY! We've only been here six days. His lunch box is MIA. He was thrilled to have this "present" instead.

Looking down at neighbor kids waiting for the same bus.

And....they're off!

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