Saturday, April 14, 2012


                                                   Easter at Grandma an Grandpa Allred's
Charlotte with the surprise visitor- Uncle Jordan!
How cute are these two? Charlottey and Aunt Bessie
Megan painted Ella's nails Easter-y. Blue, pink and yellow. Megan is such a sweet cousin to Ella.
Quincy mad that we actually wanted him to "hunt" for Easter eggs instead eat the first piece of candy he found. Typical, right?
Release the monkeys at Grandma and Grandpa Jewkes' house
The Easter Egg Hunters. There is a tradition of hiding one golden egg with money it. Its MAJOR to find the egg in this family. Well, Lincoln was so set on finding the golden egg that he only got about 4 other eggs. Thus, the pout. And to add insult to injury, Sophia was the lucky winner this year. But the sweet girl game Lincoln $1 out of the egg. How sweet is that!?
Check out these family pictures...they are about as good as it gets these days.
This is just sooo Lincoln and soooo cute!
We had three Allred cousins bron within a few months of each other...Charlotte (November), Max (July), and Jude (December).
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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Part 2

                          These next two posts were put on in reverse by me my children. Dang kids.

Miss Charlotte-y at five months

Ella in her school play "Hop to It". Her part was narrarator. I was super excited util she told me she was narrarator #216 or something. She had one line. But she said it perfectly. :) 

In the throngs of bunnies.

Ella and Lincoln at their first soccer practice. They are taking it through the YMCA and have the nicest coaches ever- Coach Jason and Coach Brian (not MY Jason...just to clarify). They are giddy every time its soccer time. And I must admit they have some skills.

Quincy doesn't mind coming along either.

And Charlotte doesn't seem to mind anything. She goes along with pretty much everything.

And smiles whiles she's at it. I need to take a memo from her.

The kids' first game. Go JAGUARS!!!!!!!!

Proud and loud mom on the sidelines.
Posted by PicasaDyeing Easter eggs. Why do I beleive everything I see/pin on pinterest? I don't know. But some genius said you could dye EAster eggs with Kool-aid. Sure you can. But there is such little variety of colors that they all turned out red or purpleish/brownish. They are now in the garbage.
Note to self: just buy the real dye next time.

Part I of a two-part series :)


Happy Birthday Dr.Suess! Ella and Link dressed-up. I guess first graders were not allowed and so Ella's less-than-nice teacher made her take off her sign and het. MEAN!!! Don't even get me started.


Seriously, Quincy is obsessed with Isosa. And Stewart (who is picture-less in this post). He lives in our neighborhood and goes to our church. They get along perfectly and just laugh when they are togethter.

This is us with the Richardson family at the Savannah River Damn/Rapids.

Quincy's favorite thing to do- collect and throw rocks.

Post-church pics.

Pretty ladies!!

Yes. That's a tatto on his forehead. Product of going to a birthday party on Saturday and mom doing everything besides removing skin to get it off. He's still pretty dang cute.
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