Friday, March 28, 2008

Healthy French Fries

Yesterday Emily cooked a fabulous dinner of muffin-sized meatloaf, scalloped potatoes, and green beans. I must interject that i actually provided and cooked the green beans, which of course, were cooked to perfection- Al dente, as Rachel Ray would say. We just couldn't stop eating them. I even said at one point, "these are as good as french fries". Next thing I know, Ella was asking for more "french fries" and accordingly, dipping them in ketchup. That was her dinner.....those were the healthiest "french fries" she's ever had!

Small Minds

Our little Dee Doo is so cute and he means well. The kiddos love to get a little snack in our little IKEA bowls and they run around the house snacking with goldfish or pretzels, whatever. Occasionally they have fruit snacks that are in a little package. So lately, I have been trying to teach Lincoln about the trash can. So I held his hand and showed him where it was. He's been so great about throwing his garbage away....and everything else. I started noticing that I was missing several IKEA bowls. Then one day I noticed one was in the garbage. And so I took it out and started watching what he would do after his snack and sure enough, he had a one track mind, heading straight to the garbage can, be it a bowl or garbage. So then I showed him the sink and told him he should put bowls in the sink. The cute little guy was so quick to understand and he was great about putting the bowls....and everything else in the sink. So I figure it's better to dig trash out of the sink where I can see it, rather than searching through the garbage everyday for whatever Lincon deems disposable. Now I just laugh because almost every time I go to the sink, there's garbage in it. Just yesterday he saw a peice of garbage on the ground (left from Jason) and sure enough, it ended up in the sink. At least the kid is neat.....his small little mind can only take so much info!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Bribery Failures

So after three different photo opps, bribery and yelling, there were still no good pictures this Easter. Oh well......Maybe next year they will understand the value of money and I can pay them for a smile.....

Too much of a good thing...

Whoever said "you can never have too much of a good thing"? I usually subscribe to that philosophy, especially when it comes to chocolate, or kisses from my sweetheart. However, on Saturday, I began to wonder if one can have way too much of a good thing.....I think that's what happened to both my kids. When chocolate is oozing out of the mouth in the place of's time to stop. These are pics from the ward Easter party where ths kiddos were hopped up on chocolate.

Easter Treat

Hey guys....I made these cute little treats and thought they were picture worthy!!! (Maybe I am fooling myself) I got the idea from my mom and changed them a bit. All they are are rice krispie treats. You just shape them when they are warm in a cupcake tin, put green icing on and cadbury eggs, or whatever kind you want. Very cute. I am going to take mine to my visting teaching Spring treat, not just Easter.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


It's my party and I'll cry if I want to! That was definitely the theme of Ella's third birthday party. It was princess themed and decked out in pink. What does it take to make a girl happy? you would think that would be it, but no. Brief summary- I had to open her presents because she was in time-out. Happy Birthday baby girl! You are still a princess in my eyes!


You are not seeing double. Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. You are witnessing a crossdressing wannabe. Lincoln wants to do and be everything his sister is. He loves her dress and accessories too. Interesting....he loves her presents from her birthday as much as she does. Happy Birthday Ella!

Yes, against all odds, and patterns of the past five years, it actually snowed in Georgia. As you can see, we were visited by the famous Frosty. Ella was ecstatic.


Jason and I took a much needed trip to North Carolina last weekend. We experienced the "granola" lifestyle. We lived off the land by my interpretation of the phrase. By that I mean no cooking involved. We relied solely upon the merits of the local BP station. We hiked, hibernated and even purified our own water from this here river. Just kidding on the water part, but everything else is pretty accurate. I am not known to exaggerate either.


These two, like most siblings probably, have the cutest love-hate relationship. Lincoln likes to drag Ella around by her pigtails, and then kiss her. Whilst Ella likes to take his toys and then hug him. Awww, to think....... we used to be like that. I remember more of the taking, hitting, and tugging part.

Terrorist in training

DISCLAIMER: For all you conspirators and theorists out there who think the government is bugging our phones and heaven forbid, watching our blogs- Lincoln is not a real terrorist in training.....just one that is well-equipped...he's got the whole destroy and conquer thing down pat. But somewhere inside, there's the most love able boy who has my heart in his hands........ That's why we call him "little monster".

Play Group

These three take their playgroup membership very seriously. Pictured here, Ella, Lincoln, and Avery- making sure their playgroup time is valuable. No playing around Lincoln!