Monday, December 29, 2008


This is Ella's new kitchen. She makes a mean lunch!

This is Lincoln's Thomas the train tent. When I put it on the list for Grandma and Grandpa Allred I had no idea we would have to build an addition to our house to fit it inside. OOPS!!

One of Lincoln's favorite toys. This was a tool box from Santa. It's awesome b/c the tool box actually looks a lot like Jason's. Link hasn't put it down since and the goggles....well, they don't come off the head.
Ella's Christmas loot from Santa. This year we celebrated Santa at Poppy and Grandma Jewkes' house. Santa knew we were there. Smart guy.
Link's loot.
The classic stair photo.
Allred Family getting ready to see what Santa brought.

Christmas...another one has flown by. This year I have to say it lacked a little bit of the Christmas spirit for me. Maybe it's because we weren't able to give as much as usual with the economy the way it was. We received a ton. I believe the age-old adage, "'tis far better to receive than to give". Yes, yes, it's true. We were the "Kranks" this year. SORRY!!!! It was so fun to see the kids rip open their presents. They were excited for about the first ten, then when Ella started saying, "I don't want that"...I knew it was too much. UGH. Maybe it was because almost everything I got her was from a garage sale. I take pride in that by the way. Here's my re-cap:
Sounds of Christmas
"I don't want THAT"
"When do we open more presents?"
"Can I have this candy?"
"That's mine!"
"Thank you" preceded by a , "_______ , say thank you".

Friday, December 26, 2008

Rock n' roll baby

Last weekend our friends hosted a rock band party. Jason was the star in my book. His falsetto is amazing. He can rock some "Journey" or "Styx". I am your biggest FAN!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

First and foremost, my best friend and roommate from college came to visit me. It was a gift to her from her generous husband, Dustin. Thanks Dustin! We had so much fun just being giggly girls and reminiscing. Alicia is such a good mommy and was a great example to me of how to have joy in motherhood.

How much does Jason look like Colonel Sanders from KFC? A lot...I know. We had so much fun making ginger bread houses for FHE. Jason was a great sport and let me put icing on his face. I think he'll age well...the white looks good on him!
Link on Grandma and Grandpa's tire swing. This is the look of pure joy.

Last week the city of Hampton (where Jason manages the dental office) had a parade. The kids were ecstatic to see real reindeer. They were fearless when it came to riding on the float too. The picture of Lincoln and Jason is from the float.

Monday, December 1, 2008

O Christmas Tree...

We did it again....we managed to get the most beautiful Christmas tree at an amazing price, while having an old fashioned experience. What more could you ask for? There is the GREATEST tree farm in Griffin. This is our 2nd year going to this farm....and it did not disappoint. We found this voluptuous beauty right away for meager $36 and some sweat on Jason's part. Call it love at first sight. We knew it would fit perfectly in our dining room window. Jason got down and cut down the tree like a real man. GRRRR.

VICTORY.......VICTORY!!!! You're so strong!!!

The following pictures slightly capture the excitement Ella has for Christmas trees, presents, candy canes, and all things festive. I have never seen her so excited for something. And, to my excitement and advantage, this is the first year we have been able to use this line, "Ella, you need to be a good girl so Santa will bring you presents.". IT WORKS!! I've been waiting for this year to come...when I could milk that line for all it's worth. When does that line take effect for the following year? February? Let me know.

Ella's idea of how to decorate a Christmas tree. All the decorations go on one branch, right mom?
Ready for church on Sunday.

The finished product...with lights only.