Friday, December 18, 2009

Ella's school Chrsitmas party

Look at my chunk monkey......this baby, Elijah, was born 6 days after Quincy and weighed about a half pound less at his birth.
Grandma Jewkes and Ella. Ella was so excited to have her there. I think her expression says it all.

Singing "Rudolph". She even begged her teachers to sing a solo. I had no idea she was such an extrovert.
This is the gift she got from the gift exchange. She demanded that everyone looks at it and tell her how pretty she looked in it.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Perceptive little guy

So you know how people have smells??? Not necessarily a bad thing (but can be). When you go into some one's house or even smell their clothes it's as if it's a virtual name tag. You can identify it immediately as belonging to that person. My husband lovingly tells me I have "the nose of a hound dog" so I am especially talented at detecting these identifying smells. Well, my sweet little perceptive boy Link also inherited my hound dog of a nose. Well, Link and Coop (cousin) both have these light blue Horton elephants that they mildly worship. They were both playing with them the other day when I was watching Coop. Coop innocently handed Link one of the elephants and this is the conversation that ensued:
Coop "Dee Doo (Link), here's your ephelant"
Link: "Oh, thanks. Wait (sniff sniff)...this is not my ephelant. It smell like you Pooker. It's yours."
Coop: (looking confused) "Oh, thanks."
Link: "Where's my ephelant?" Meanwhile wandering around looking for it. He finds it and smells it. "Oh, here it is. This one is mine".

I thought it was pretty funny.
Of course Ella wanted to be in the picture. No, she did not wear this beautifully tie-dyed shirt to school. There is a little boy at school who constantly spills water on her (a.k.a. flirting) and so this is the schools "uh-oh" shirt. I remember those days...I used to hit all the boys thinking they liked it.
Ella had to have a stuffed animal in a shot too.
My baby boy Quincy was one one month old on the 8th and I took this picture. I am a very delayed blogger...he's now 5 1/2 weeks old.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Jason loves making gingerbread houses every year. He takes the construction of it very seriously. Oh...and the kids love it too! :)
The semi-finished Christmas tree. It's a work in progress. Jason is studying for his organic chem 2 he's slightly busy! :)

And we were preparing all week for this. Every year the city jason works in, Hampton, has a Christmas parade and after the businesses open there doors for refreshments. The dental office (in the hopes of drumming up business :)) served up cookies and my mother-in-law's famous dutch hot chocolate. There was a huge line outside our dental office. The party was definifetly at our place. I made about 600 cookies (like I said- I've been busy) and my mother-in-law made A LOT more than that. So, above is my picture of the parade. See how fast they were going? :) Grandpa Allred was driving like a maniac!
Before the parade an orthodontist's office in another city was doing pictures with Santa. Obviously this is from my camera, not theirs.

The cutest boy in the world. Quincy is getting huge...and soooo sweet. He's been my best baby thus far. But, that doesn't say much either! He's very gassy/burpy but other then that he's a pretty happy baby. Last night he even slept from 9:30-3 and then to 7:30. SWEET! I actually felt semi-rested.


Here's two of the pics that were tiny....I didn't have the time to do the rest.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tis the season

Here's our Christmas tree. The cute little old man that took the pic at the top (without the Christmas tree in it mind you) I don't think had ever seen or operated a digital camera. We get our tree every year at a great place where you cut it down yourself and then they drag it to your car via golf cart. It's really fun for the kids. Sorry the pics are so small. I don't know why.

These pics are from Ella's Thanksgiving program at her school. She was soooo cute singing her little songs. We had a Thanksgiving dinner following the program consisting of southern turkey (fried chicken) canned green beans and frozen corn. mmmmmmm.