Friday, September 30, 2011

Family Day

Last weekend was family day at Georgia Health Sciences University (the name recently changed from The Medical College of GA) where Jason attends dental school. We had Jason's alumni brothers and his parents come. It was so fun to see what Jason does on a day-to-day basis. I like to keep tabs on those things....sometimes I wonder if he's just on facebook all day.

This is HIS sim (simulation) lab complete with his name on it. See it? :) There's a little manequin attached to this station that you can pull out and work on.

Jason's dad- Dr.Bob, borther-Dr.Bo, and brother- Dr.Ben. Living the Allred legacy! :)

P.S.- Nine more days to go! I am "patiently" awaiting our baby girl's arrival. Dilated to a three and 90% effaced and SUFFICIENTLY uncomfortable. Ob informs me she thinks she'll be "just on time". GRRRR.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Link's first t-ball game. Baseball was always "Jason's sport" so he was sooo proud. Lincoln is on the Cardinals. The game was so entertaining. I thought I would pee my pants when Lincoln ran from second to first. That was just one of the incidences that kept us laughing the entire game.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Holy cow

Ok, so this guy thought this shirt was appropriate at a commemorative concert for the victims of 9-11 that we attended at a local park last week.  Dude- seriously? Yes, terrorism is of the devil. Islam however, is a religion. And not all Islams are terrorists. And not all terrorists are Islam. This shirt just SCREAMS ignorance.
And of course I am the suuuuuuuuper classy, educated, non-ignorant lady taking a picture of this dork. HA! :)

Lincoln rolling down the hills at the concert.

Ella at the park. Dang it. I thought this pic was going to be the official cast picture but obviously you can't even see her cast. Well....she got her cast off today! So, those tiny tiny pics from the previous post are just gonna have to do. She is wearing a sling for now. Apparently it is against her fashion code, it is a dinosaur sling. *GASP* She tells the nurse, "You guys should really have barbie slings".

How precious is this little guy's bed head? SOOOOOOOO cute. This is nap time bed head too, not even morning bed head. Good quality stuff right there.

And now....for the title. HOLY COW! :)
Don't mind the facial expression in this pic. Jason was the photographer and I didn't have any warning. I think I was in the middle of something something to the effect of, "Honey is this a bad angle?". :)
And I would just like to note that this was taken after the wrestling of three kids  church. I am 37 weeks. Jason says to me, "Honey, why are we taking a pic now? You are going to get bigger". He says it so matter-of-factly I wanna punch him. Little does he remember that I had Lincoln at 38 weeks.

Now these pics were taken by a real pro. Ella. Now the expression holy cow really takes on new meaning. The side angle is painful looking, right? I have to say my tummy feels bigger with this one than the others. It just feels very pokey-outey. :) More so than the other kiddos. But I have put on the least amount of weight (pat on the back...zumba up to 32 weeks really paid off!) maybe I am not as big as I feel.

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

I am in the mood...

For...FALL! This fall weather (that lets face it- will not last) has given me serious fall itch. I have taken out my fall decor and even made caramel apples with the kids today.

We have been enjoying the outdoors like no other. Eating on the porch, going to the park, etc.

Is it too early for fall decor? Perhaps. Oh well. I could not resist.

I have been searching and searching for a really great yellow. Our Master BR is like the restoration hardware color (that blueish, grayish, greenish) and I have wanted to put some yellow accents in. I have been wanting to paint this table above, our lamps, a mirror and some frames. And MAYBE even those shutter I picked up about a year at a garage sale.  I was scared. So, I followed a blogger's advice and painted something that was non-committal. Something that could be re-done. So, I bought some krylon spray paint today, put on a few coats (wearing a dress, 36 wks pregnant and looking crazy no doubt) and fell in love. The shade is perfect. I am officially obsessed. This is the table which is serving double duty as my fall decor table....for now.

These are our cute neighbor friends. How lucky are we that Henry (age 5) and Elizabeth (age 8) live directly across the street and go to our church? Soooo lucky. THEY were lucky today...coming over on caramel apple day. :)

Carry on fall lovers....carry on.
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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pics may cause a squint and neck cramp

I took these pics with my, I can't figure out how to make bigger or turn them. Yes, I am challenged. Anyway, I forgot to announce (and it is an announcment!) that indeed, Ella's arm is broken. I took her into the ER on Monday morning after Jason and I noticed it was a little swollen. On Saturday night Jason was jumping with the kids and Lincoln landed on her elbow. Crying and drama ensued, but that's pretty normal for Ella. The x-rays indicated there was lots of fluid around her elbow which usually indicates a break but b/c of the fluid, the break couldn't be shown on the x-ray. She wore the splint for a week and just today got a fancy glow-in-the-dark cast on. Bigger pics to come soon!