Friday, March 26, 2010

THIS is what's wrong with Americans....

I am a creature of habit. Many of us Jewkes ladies are. I can pretty much tell you what I am doing on any given day of the week. On Thursdays I go to the gym and run. Then I go to the office in Hampton to use the internet and print off my coupons and shopping list off of my favorite website that saves me bumloads of money- It helps that the "chilrens" get to see their daddy while I am occupied on the internet. Then I go to McDonald's in Lovejoy and let Lincoln run around the playplace whilst I cut and clip my coupons for the week, saving me $100 this week alone. YEAH! Meanwhile eating lunch and feeding baby love Quincy. I go to get Lincoln some much needed ketchup I push the pump down only to be squirted by what smelled like rotten ketchup. I am convinced it was sour becasue it was orange, not red. Ew. It spewed EVERYWHERE. There were two innocent and unharmed bystanders. One was a very well-dressed middle-aged man. As soon as it happened I looked around (with ketchup spotted all over me) hoping someone at McDonald's would offer an apology and perhaps fix the problem (and maybe give me some complimentary ice cream or something). The middle-aged man immediately pounced on the situation and this was the foloowing conversation:
Man: Mam, are you ok?
Me: I am fine.....I just have ketchup all over me.
Man: Are you hurt?
Me: (I look at him incredulously) Hurt? No, I fine.
Man: Yes you are. You are hurt. Here's my card. You should sue.
Me: Are you serious?
Man: Yes. You should sue. You ARE hurt.
Me: Seriously? (I could not beleive this man)
Man: Yes. Here, take my card.
Me: Sir, I don't beleive in that. That's the reason why things are overpriced. Because of needless lawsuits.
Man: Ok. But I just won a man $10,000 for getting coffee spilt on him. In my opinion McDonalds needs to take a page out of the Chick-fil-a handbook.

TOUCHE! They certainly do. But really? A lawsuit for ketchup? RIDICULOUS. THAT'S what's wrong with Americans. Oh, and the new healthcare bill paying for abortions. That too.

Now....on to my routine-filled week.

Friday, March 19, 2010


We went on a "business trip" to St. Thomas (in the US Virgin Islands) last weekend with my mother and father-in-law. We talked at LOT of business. :) Here are some pics.
Bob and Jason para-sailing.

Para-sailing was so much fun and so much more relaxing than I had ever thought. Bob took a picture of the rope to scare me into thinking it might snap. We were flying high above St.Thomas at 600 feet.

The beach that was laid at right outside our hotel unbelievable.

Jason and Bob's favorite thing to do- catch iguanas. These things were very fierce looking and the size of dogs.
No explanation needed.
Bob becoming an islander.

This man was trying to earn a few bucks from the tourists riding by with his goat Madonna. Yes, we got succored in. It was a cute goat.

This beach is called Magen's Bay. It was rated one of the top ten beaches in the world by National Geographic. BEAUTIFUL.

The harbor.
On the balcony of our hotel.
The outdoor taxi that we took from our airport to our hotel. Perfectly safe, I assure you.
We had so much fun. Thank you Bob and Julie! Quincy was the perfect traveling companion and I was reminded how much easier it is to have a little baby than a toddler on vacation.

The Boys

I don't know what is up with this first pic. It looks like I took it with my camera phone. Anyway, this was Lincoln attempting to take of his shirt the wrong way.

Quincy falling asleep in his favorite place- in his daddy's lap.
Their night time routine. Quincy and Jason enjoy Bill O'Reilly nightly.
This is soooo stinking cute. And big. We know where he gets that from. In fact, when I was pregnant I was told my several different midwifes that Quincy was breech. They finally did an ultrasound to double check and they determined that he was not breech but just had a really big bum!
My little snuggle bunny. He is such a momma's boy.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

While I was out

Ella's pillowcase dress that she absolutely loves!

About three weeks ago I took off to Minnesota to visit one of my best friends and cousin- Katie. Who goes to Minnesota in February? I do. As long as there is an understanding that I will-under no circumstances- NOT go outside, get out of slippers, drink a lot of hot chocolate and have my own space heater. The terms were agreed to and so I went with Quincy in toe. Katie was the best hostess...she let me use and abuse her embroidery/applique machine. Here are some of the things that we (and I when I say "we" I mean "she" as in Katie) made.
Thank you to all of those who supported me in my endeavors to hone my sewing skills- Grandma Allred, Grandma Jewkes, Emily and my sweet husband who held the fort together.
And thanks Katie for having me!

So, while I was away freezing my buns off so were my kids! They had snow....again. Unbelievable. School was canceled for Ella and the kids and Jason built snowmen, made snow angels, were pulled on a sled behind a four wheeler, and rode snowboards down a hill.
I can't help but wonder what Emily and Ella were doing in the first picture. The robot? :) And I can't help but notice that poor baby Ella has no gloves on!!! Mom was NOT around. Good thing they had so much fun though!

Cute story of the year right here folks: So last night I was bathing the kids and doing the usual lather-them-up-and-down-with-lotion routine end Ella and pretty much crying with every body part I touched complaining that she had "owies" all over. By the way, this is the point of the night where we are ALL ready for bed. She was whining and complaining about her unseen owies and then specifically mentioned one on her hand. I looked. Nothing. Then she says with an overly dramatic sob, "I am getting soooo old". I about peed my pants. I guess all this talk of her turning five and being older and bigger has really gone to her head.