Monday, April 28, 2008

Country Life

We are official red-necks. Yes, we live down the street from horses. But no this is not our yard with all the broken down cars in it. It's just around the corner. Don't you love the no-zoning districts?? Ella and Lincoln love to take a walk and feed the horses carrots. They are so fearless. It suprises me. Except this time, Ella claims the horsey bit her (notice the pic of her extending her hand). I'm sure it was just a nibble. We had a funny conversation on the way home it is
E: Mom, I can smell the horses.
C: really, what do they smell like?
E: Like the cows.
C: What do the cows smell like?
E: like Ella.
C: When Ell's poopy?
E: Yeah, and when Dee Doo's poopy too.

I share the same sentiment about these two animals. Phew!!!

Jason Deere

Our back yard needs serious help. Linds, give a shout-out on what a horrible job the builders do on landscaping (we had the same builder). Anyway, so two years later, we are just now beginning to landscape our backyard. Good thing Jason's Dad has a bobcat. That machine is a little monster for any of you who haven't operated one- tearing up saplings adn all kinds of growth. It's a hog. The kids have LOVED riding with Jason in it. Especially Dee Doo. Hopefully one day, our yard could resemble Hickory Hill Gardens. Yeah right.
Funny little Ella. When Dad couldn't get the hog started, she suggested that it needed new batteries. If only things were that simple. Funny thing did need a new battery.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Toilet blunder

Just thought I'd share this little irritating. Have you guys ever sat on a wobbly toilet and almost fell off??? Yeah , just happened.....

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hickory Hill Gardens

These babies are Poppy Jewkes' pride and joy. He says he has over 1000 azaleas. I'd like to claim that I planted half. Maybe more realsitically 100 or so. I remember spending many Saturdays working in the yard. If we had friends spend-the-night, they worked too. Our house was not popular. And now, me and the kids get to enjoy them for the whole of a week they bloom. They are dead as I type this.


Ella's definition of "being big" is going down the slide all by herself. She did and so did Lincoln. I wish she had the same convictions about potty training. That is a "big girl" to me!!


It's the end of the day and it's another one of those that I think to myself, "I lost my patience way too much today, I'll be a better mom tomorrow". Some how, looking at pics like this makes me think how loveable and sweet my kids CAN be. Tomorrow.....I can do it! :)

Happy Birthday Stinky!!!

He might kill me for that one....But he knows I love him. It was Jason's 31st B-day on Friday and I just wanted to give him a little shout out!!!

Bear for Birthday Dinner

I wasn't a blogger back in Novemeber, so let me give a quick recap. Jason and his Dad are not big hunters. They grew up enjoying target practice, but never really being the hunting type. Anyway, they got this opportunity last November to go on a bear hunt with one of Bob's patients. Jason ended up shooting a 4oo lb black bear. I got the good end of the deal b/c my poor Mother-in-law has the pelt (fur, head, claws, etc.) in her freezer, while I was stuck with frozen, packaged bear steaks and roasts..... We have been waiting to pull them out on everyone and sneak them into dinner. So Satuday was Bob's b-day and we told him we were having steak (notice the grill pic) and chicken. Everyone that tried it loved it, saying, "this is some of the best steak ever". Even Lincoln couldn't resist it. HAHA!! When we told them it was bear they were good sports. Any of you who know the Jewkes clan well, know that they are picky eaters. So on Sunday we put it on the buffet for Dad's birthday dinner as well. Parker was the most enthused and would not stop complimenting the steak. Do you want to invite us to your dinner party??? What a great gift!!! And Happy Birthday to Poppy Jewkes and GiGi Allred!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring Break Chaaos

We were only slighty squished.....right. Beach toys were falling on kids, diapers were dirty but it was too squishy to figure who it was or how we could change that dirty diaper. As you can see Lincoln is screaming...that's just a short preview of our trip to FL from Monday to Friday of last week. SPRING BREAK!!!

Marine land-- where the one day it was freezing in FL we were there. It was a good activity to do on a cold day.

Ocean view...Crescent Beach

Dee doo enjoying the beach scene. His favortie part was pooing in his swim diaper. That was fun. I guess it was my fault for feeding him so much corn. That stuff does not come out pretty on a one year old. MMMM.

Snuggle time!

Having Kailey with us afforded us the chance to have a much needed Girls Night out. Thanks for coming Meredith. Let's just say we all got to know each other REALLY well.

Summary....blowing up beach toys.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Spring has Sprung

I could'nt resist taking these pics of the beautiful dogwoods....soon you'll have the pleasure of viewing Poppy's (Grandpa Jewkes) azaleas too.

We miss you!

Cooper and loves...come back. We miss you. We know you like FL more than us, but can't you come back to our boring lives here and cut your vacation short? That's not too much to ask. We have no one to play with during the day when you're gone.UGH!

The Blogging Baby Blues

Mom, I am being ignored. You don't care that I am screaming because you have to get your blogging fix- you have to get in touch with the adult world before you pull your hair out. Can I get a "heck yes" ladies???

Thursday, April 3, 2008

3 Feet of Fun!

3 Feet of Fun....
At least that's what the package said on Fruit by the foot. What Lincoln would describe as fun would be trying to shove as much of anything good into his mouth at a time. Wonder where he gets that from??? I have no eating issues!! I never shove chocolate or other good things in my mouth. So he shoved into his mouth and it became so full that he ended up spitting it out.

Put me in coach!

We had so much fun at Jason's baseball game on Tuesday. It was a perfect spring day and Lincoln and Cooper couldn't keep their eyes off the game. Ella was our little cheerleader, giving Daddy a kiss at the end of the 7-4 victory!! The kids were losing steam in inning 3 (as you see by Ella's pic) and so I had know, give 'em a little boost. That's when it happened- they all became addicted to Diet Coke....a slave to the caffiene. It was the communal energy shot. Sanitary, right? And healthy too.

That's HOT!'re so hot.....we love your style!