Saturday, March 14, 2009

A proud morning

After burning 1300 calories at the gym this morning, I hauled my two toddlers into Walgreen's and got this load of stuff for a total of $15. I figrued the reatil to be around $115. Yes, I paid 15. I got sick of seeing blogs just like this one and so I actually did a little reading and asked a lot of questions to the Walgreen's cashier and basically, I figured out how to take advantage of their system. YEAH!!!!!!!! It was so exhilarating. It was a high and I can't wait to get high again!!!
P.S.- a great website for you fellow Georgians is to figure this stuff out.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Progressive Birthday

This is an activity that we did last Tuesday when we learned about the letter -B. We read "Are you my mother?". As you may know, it's about a baby bird (double -B's- bonus!) who is looking for it's mother. So, we made these cute little birds with Styrofoam balls and toothpicks for legs. They really loved making them. I have to admit though, I felt a little defeated when they kept on calling the birds snowmen....the markers did not color the Styrofoam well.

On the day of Ella's birthday I asked her what kind of cake she wanted, but knew her party wasn't until Saturday and I would make it then. She asked for a purple butterfly cake. She was really confused why we didn't eat her cake on her birthday. At the end of the day on Wednesday she said, "Mommy, it didn't look like a birthday". I ask her what a birthday looked like. To that she said, "A purple butterfly cake". I knew once we made the cake her dreams would be fulfilled. And oh, were they. She just couldn't stop gushing about how beautiful it was!
So we have celebrated Ella's birthday for about 5 days now and she's already wondering when her next birthday is. We had a get together planned at a local free petting zoo for Saturday, but it rained so we canceled it and instead went o Grandma and Grandpa Allred's- one of Ella's favorite places. She got to see "her" horse Scarlet and even grandpa's new turkeys. The event of the night for me was seeing Grandpa in what he "thought" was a swimsuit but were in actuality sponge bob square pants pajama bottoms. So, he and the kids and Jason jumped in the hot tub in much more modest attire than usual.
Then on Sunday, we continued to eat Ella's butterfly birthday cake with my side of the family. Ella even got a gift certificate to go horse back riding from Grandma Jewkes. So between the 3 days we celebrated her birthday, I am thinking she better feel pretty loved.

Today we were at church and right before the third block started we were told to go home because it was snowing. Let me first say that I know to many of you living out the great wilderness of snow that some of you do live in, I know that this sounds ridiculous and juvenile. It only snows once a year here and when it does....WATCH OUT!! People stay in their houses, stock up on bread and milk and panic. It's kind of pandemonium along with the excitement of having snow. Of course, our kids could hardly contain themselves and were running recklessly through the halls. I have no idea how they escaped their classrooms. So went home excitedly and went right to the task at hand- building a snowman before it melts! You'll have to excise our snow get-up...this is about as snowy as our clothes get. Call me unprepared.