Monday, April 27, 2009

Jim, you're my hero!

Last week I went to Boston with my sisters, mom and brother-in-law. Here are the highlights from my awesome trip. And here are a few tips:
1. Strollers not allowed in this city
2. Chivalry is completely dead.
3. Babies are a huge nuissance to city folk.
4. Bostonians love to give bad directions just for kicks.
5. It is awesomely accessible through the trains and.......
6. It's cold there in April....very cold.
This is the morning that we all left. We left Boston in the right way though...we ended it all at the climax- breakfast at the highly recommended "Paramount". I can't even really describe the venue but if you've ever been to a town with colonial buildings you know how tiny these places are. Literally my hair could've fallen in someone's food while they were sitting and I was waiting in line (or shall I say hovering) for my food. That's how little space there was in there. We got a lot of dirty looks for bringing carseats and for even being present. How dare us.
I just have to give props to Jim. We went to go watch him run the prestigious Boston marathon
(or at least that was the was a girl's trip too). I was proud...only the elite of elite runners get to qualify for this marathon. He has been training endlessly and tirelessly for a few years. That's dedication. So on Monday we cheered him on. I have to tell you about this sign we made b/c I thought it was pretty witty. Jim's desired time was 3:15:24. So those numbers reminded me of the scripture John 3:16. we made a sign that said Jim 3:15 "For Jim so lvoed that marathon that he ran it in 3:15:24." Hilarious. Well, I thought so. Blaspheme? Possibly.

We made these great shirts that said "J. Crew" (Jim's crew).

This above pic and the next few are from our city tour. If you really want to know how to shoot a machine gun(is that even what this is?? ), just refer to this picture. it's standard to kick up a leg. I promise.

The USS constitution a.k.a. "Old Iron Sides".

These next few pictures (and the one above) are from a weekend farmer's market. Everything was so ridiculously cheap. I told Emily, "I would be so hot if I lived here". Really. Eating healthy is very expensive. But not in Boston. You could get 2 lbs. of grapes for $1. A box of strawberries for $1, etc. We bought loads of fruit to snack on for the weekend. Then there was a box of live crabs to snatch up for dinner. Talk about fresh seafood. And of course, who could go home with out their goat, freshly killed- whole or half! The options are endless with goat!

Our harbor cruise.
Our hotel was the center of the town- the clock tower building. It used to be the customs building for incoming ships. Thus the name of the hotel- Marriot's Custom House.
The beautiful Boston harbor.
Famous Quincy market. You go hungry and leave full and totally visually stimulated. There's more food to look at and take in than any place.
One end of Quincy market. Restaurants right and left. People yelling at you, "What can I get you?". It was awesome.
Paul Revere's house.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday sweetie! He was especially thrilled about his chocolate eclair cake, his rocking birthday glasses, and the hot sauce from Emily and Jake (I was ecstatic...check out that bottle- it's perfect decor!!!). And this post is featuring Hickory Hill farm (my parent's place) at peak azalea season. GORGEOUS!

For the Allred SUPERFAN:

In case you're a HUGE Allred fan (we have a wide fan base you know)'s a second taste of our Easter weekend and other recent events.
So I have a confession....I am pregnant. I guess I am saying that b/c I look super chubby in all these pics....but let's be honest- I am only ten weeks! Anyone who knows me know that I am a huge food connoisseur. We are due in early November. YEAH!

What Huggies? Really? this is supposed to protect my son from leaking?
We hide our kids Easter baskets on Easter. They LOVED looking for them. Link's was hanging on the bathroom door and Ella's was under the Dining room table. The Easter bunny underestimated them b/c the kids found the baskets way too fast. Sorry about the blurry pic, but you get the idea if the excitement.

We planted our garden this past weekend. Jason has been working so hard on it...thanks! Hopefully it pays off.

The billions of Easter eggs, ripe for the picking. Ella somehow only went away with four.
The blow-up toy thingies that Jason enjoyed far more than the kids.

Pleased to be waiting in a 15 minute line for a jumpy thingie( I am sure that's the technical term).

The baby chick that Ella fell in love with and immediately named Sparkle Rainbow.
Ella and Link at a petting zoo (part of our Easter spectacular weekend). Ella is saying "TA-DA!".
Link was quite the scavenger....he got tons of loot!

I forgot to post this picture in the Master's post. This a piece of the Master's green that Jason stole. He now has it in a huge pot (he quickly threw out my orchid)...and he coddles it like a newborn.
P.S.- I just realized that this was Allred overload....SORRY!!!!!! FYI-I am planning on printing this for my own journal.