Sunday, January 8, 2012

the motherload part I

All of my posts have "part I" or "partII" in them these days. So, if that's not an indication that I am slacker then I don't know what is. Oh well. Here goes...remember to stay tuned for part II- the sequel which is right under this post.

We held the second annual Allred progressive dinner/talent show. Oh...and it couldn't be complete without the ugly sweater contest. Jason and I (I will admit- Jason fully took the reigns on this one) decided to make this a Hawaiian Christmas. Good Will was apparently out of hideous Christmas garb. Here's the group. The winner: Bob and Kristi. I think our family got one pity vote.

By far the BEST talent of the night was our sweet TY break dancing for us to the kids' version of "Boom Boom Pow". Shoulda worn some depends to watch that. I was rolling...we all were. Notice the gold chain. He even did the worm. Yes.

This was me and the two older ones doing the same talentthat we did at the Jewkes talent show, "Skidamarink". Then our family did "The Great Enlarging Machine" which we stole from Em and Jake from the Jewkes talent show. Are you sensing our utter talentlessness? Good. That's what I am trying to convey.

                                                   Charlotte's favorite- Aunt Bessy.

                                                                  Luke and Quincy.

Ali sharing her stunning talent- reading "The Night Before Christmas" one week before giving birth!

I don't wanna talk about this pic. It had to be taken. The annual I-just-got-out-of-bed-and-got-no-sleep-last-night pic. You know the one. You are just probably not brave or stupid enough to put it on your blog. Can't decide which one.

                                               The loot from Grandma and Grandpa A.


All of Ella's dreams came true with this often imitated but never duplicated American doll -Emily. Its presently sitting in Quincy's high chair having a midnight snack.

Jason handmade something for each of the older kids. He spent all week doing these sweet little tailor-made projects. For our Quinster, a tool box/car carrying box.

For our princess Ella, a jewelry box complete with several rings that are sure to turn her fingers green. You have to see this in person to really appreciate the design- there are compartments inside complete with plush  fabric and pretty little details on the outside.

Jason made Lincoln a "treasure chest". This thing is awesome. You can eve lock it. Its everything Lincoln's little mind could've imagined. I personally want one of my own to keep precious things in. Like chocolate.

                                                       Isn't he a doll? har har har.

Look at these three cuties!!! These are their hat and gloves set brought to them by none other than Santa. How Santa knew they needed them we will never know. Gotta love Link's face in this pic. All of them really.
They are getting ready for the daily "truck" ride around Grandma and Grandpa Allred's. Where (in Quincy's words) they say the boaps (goats), aho (horse), guck guck (duck), dog dog (dog) and other inaudible sounds for animals like ginny foul and pigs.

                     This is New Year's Eve. This girl obviously had way too much egg nog.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

The motherload II

So yeah, I have a ton of pictures. So...this is heaven for all you Allred fans. :) I hope you know that I know that there are no fans. Don't worry- I am in touch with reality. I just like to pretend. :) we go.

This next series of pictures is why Uncle Billy coined the name "dandelion hair". If you blow it and make a wish, it WILL come true.

SOOOO outdated, but for my posterity's sake, gotta post these next pics of Charlotte at eight weeks. And she weighed 12.7 at her two month appoitnment and had a bi-lateral ear infection. But was still as sweet as can be. I had no clue she wasn't feeling well.

Ella's girl scout troop got to say the pledge of allegiance at the annual Columbia County tree lighting. They all wore matching "girl scout" scarves and froze their tiny little buns off. It was actually cold. believe it or not.

And of course Jason the kids built this awesome gingerbread house.

Posted by PicasaAnd these last two pics are compliments of Ella's photography.