Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My brother Jeremiah and his girlfriend, Amy, and Julie came to visit for ten days. We ate A TON and played a lot. Here are two of the events that we did. We had 8th row at the Braves game. Don't ask who they played or what the score was....I don't know. But the funnel cake was tasty.

Then we went down to Palm Coast to mom and Dad's beach house for about four days. We even got a short visit from Amanda and Jonah. Shell seeking was the highlight.
Then Jason and I drove to Alabama to go cruise Florida. Don't ask. We were intended to go to the Bahamas. We ended up really enjoyed Key west though. This is in front of Ernest Hemingway's home.
A direct descendant of some of his famous six-toed cats. Really. It happens to be taking down an innoecnt bird in this picture. But six-toed nonetheless.
The house again.

Bringing sexy to the beach. :) I know I know. Irresistible.

I thought this structure was really cool. It featured a garden inside.

The famous Banyan trees that adorn Key west. They grow horizontally instead of vertically. They were soooo cool.
Truman's little white house. Almost every president and several other nobodies( like Thomas Edison...you may have heard of him) have stayed here. There was a ton of history here so Jason HAD to stop by.
Our dining table group. I am the tan one in the middle. :) We had so much fun just relaxing and eating and sleeping. Did I mention Jason won the ping pong tournament??? I HAD to mention that to make it look like we actually did something on our cruise. That was in between naps. And our kids got the ultimate care from Grandma Allred. She even had their laundry done when we picked them up. That's what I call babysitting!