Saturday, March 26, 2011

MAJOR Catch-up

I know....I know. I have major catch-up to do. There are several reasonable explanations for why I have not been blogging. February was one of the craziest months EVAH! Within one week we:

1) Found renters to rent our house for two years and then they want to purchase it after that. Only stipulation- they wanted us to be out in two weeks! We weren't really preparing to rent it until summer (we aren't going to dental school until August) but we couldn't refuse these guys. They are awesome renters.

2) Found out we were inexplicably pregnant. Yup. I have been in denial. We are due with Allred version 4.0 here in early October. That's my biggest excuse as to why I have not been blogging as I have been doing a TON of sleeping and eating.

3) We finally sold our Mazda 5.

4) We started packing and preparing to move in with none other then Mom and Dad Jewkes. LUCKY THEM! Getting the computer set-up and me motivated to blog again after an exhausting month....well, it took awhile.

5) We cut Ella's hair. That's an understatement- we chopped off about eight inches. There's only so much milk-drenched hair I could take. And the milk-drenched hair led to crusty hair which led to a lot of crying when it came time to brush it.

6) Quincy walks!

Again- I have a lot of catching up to do like I said so here are just some random pics from February. Cute kids ready for church. Love dressing the boys alike. So cute!

The kids' favorite pet horsey- Dad. Notice the boxes in the background.

We did make time shortly after the whirlwind of moving to take a quick vacay down to Destin for Emily's last trip with us. Jason was even able to join us. The beach was gorgeous and the weather was all-in-all (for Feb.) pretty amazing, as was the company.

Best buds- Cooper and Link. Lincoln is SO sad that "pooker" moved to ABQ. Or Alba"turkey" as they say.

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This was Quincy's first real experience with sand. I wasn't exactly sure how he would react. When Ella was his age she would FLIP out if we even thought about placing her on the sand. We started out slow. First, we put him on a tarp on the sand.

Not sure what to think of it.

"Hey- I love sand!"

"I even love being naked in the sand!"

Rolling in the sand was his favorite.

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He would run and then trip resulting in a face plant and it wouldn't even phase him. He didn't mind getting sand in every hole and crevasse.

Just chillin.

Feeding the birds some cheetos, bread, pretzels- whatever!

Building sand castles.

We even went all the way to FL to celebrate Ella's sixth birthday. :) At least that what she tells people. I was even nice enough to pick up a "Tangled" cake. We went and played black light putt-putt too.

The whole clan. All here just for Ella's birthday! Happy sixth Ellie!

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