Thursday, December 15, 2011

Our beautiful Charlotte Alexandra gets a name and a blessing by her dad on Sunday at Grandma and Grandpa Jewkes' house. So many righteous priesthood holders in the circle- 6 uncles, 2 grandpas, 1 great uncle, 1 dad and one friend- Mike Forsyth. Lucky girl!

                                                  What a cute guy! Espen-my nephew- is darling.

                           Our family of six. Holy crap, I am way too young to have four kids....:)

This gorgeous dress was painstakingly made by Grandma Becky. So beautiful and such a great keepsake!

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving part II

                                        I meant to post these pics about two weeks ago...oh well.
                                                              Charlotte at six weeks.

                                             Quincy looking mischevious as ever. He's plotting.

                                              Charlotte gives him a little warning "push"
                                  Then she punches him.Stay away from this girl- she's fiesty.

                             He survived but is a little shocked that he just got served by his sister.

So the Friday before the Thanksgivng break (my kids had the WHOLE week off) Link's class had a sweet little Thanskgiving program. So glad I was able to go. He dressed up like an Indian. I was very impressed by the Christian themes and music througout. All the kids were able to get up and express what they were thankful for. Link said his mom. :) *Proud moment*
            His school is like a magnet school for the county for children with disabilities, esp hearing disabilities. Several kids got up and made inaudible sounds instead of speech and a few were in wheel chairs and completely paralyzed. I was so touched by the sweetness in which the teachers handled these precious children.  They let them each have their turn at the microphone and waited patiently, even whispering in their hear words of encouragement often times. At that moment time stood still as I tearily said a little thank you to my Father in Heaven for my sweet, precious, healthy children. Wow. I am blessed.

Blurry picture but this is basically what my special boy was doing while all the other indians, pilgrims and preachers (??I KNOW??) were singing.

This is Lincoln's classmate and church buddy- Elliott. Such a cute, sweet boy. These two are buds!
For the actual holiday we drove down and spent the week with my family. Me, coralling four rowdy monkeys and dealing with hay fever, while Jason feverishly :) studied for finals. It was a bummer that he had to miss out on so many fun things. We are so grateful for everything he sacrifices to go to school. But were able to go to the temple together and enjoy the entire Thanksgiving day just relaxing. Other than that, it was like a working vacation. :) You know how its sometimes harder to be on vacation than home??? Not that I am not grateful to have gone. I am. I am just saying that being in a diff. place/environment and out of whack is in some ways harder. Jason left on Sunday and the kids and I -along with many members of my family- drove up to north GA to the Blueridge mountains. We mainly relaxed but were lucky enough to see and taste the elusive snow that GA occasionally gets. It TOTALLY made the kids' entire vacation week.

And this adorable guy made Lincoln's vacation. these two were inseparable. Move over Cooper! :) They had so much fun just being boys. They had snowball fights, played Harry Potter, built lego....things, and teased the girls.

My sweet Ella was attached to Grandma like glue. Well, they all were. Who wouldn't be?! They went to see little ponies, got to ride in her cart at the store , made rolls or ate dough- not sure which-and just basically did whatever she did. While we were in Blueridge we patronized an AWESOME store/apple farm called Mercier farms. Jordan and Amanda introduced us to this place and it is a "must-stop-tourist-attraction". Holy moly it had the yummiest food and was sooo fun to look around. They had a billion diff. types of apples and every food possible made with apple something or other. My favorite part? Dessert of course. They are famous for their fried pies. They actually provide them to Chick-Fil-A and the Varsity. They ship them from North GA! I tried the blackberry cream. Dang, it was good. The kids got homemade suckers and complimentary ice cream for the owner who aslo happened to be one of the sweetest, cutest older ladies ever!
Aren't we lucky? I sound like my dad. :) Not a bad thing.