Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Summary

 These first few pics came from my phone (thus the lackluster quality) and just summarize what we've been up to.

Charlotte was hospitalized on Jan. 1st for RSV. Sweet little angel didn't even act that sick but when I saw her laboring to breathe I took her into the pediatrician's office and they advised me to take her to the ER. They admitted her and we stayed the night together so they could monitor her oxygen levels. She had to be on a breathing treatment around the clock for about two weeks...along with all kinds of medicine. It was a little rough on both of us.

Q diddle getting ready to ride the "flo" wheeler (as Lincoln calls it) at Grandma Allred's.

             Charlotte at three months and 15 pounds and officially sleeping 12 hours at night (it really happened around week 8 or 10-- lets give mom a high five!). She's not gonna let RSV get her down.

                                     Ella riding the go cart with cousin Meggie at Grandma A's.
This was actually taken post-hot tub at Thanksgiving at the cabin in Blueridge with my parents. Too cute not to post.
Jason and his classmates were a little "over-excited" for the semester to end. They all dressed up. I guess Jason had a different idea than the others of what that meant. Most wore formal suits and dresses.
These pics were an attempt to capture Charlotte's MAD upper lip. That girl can give some drama when she pouts. All you can do though is laugh even though I should feel sorry for her. One day I will get that picture. In the meantime....

OOOOOH my gosh. This picture is killing me.
Laughing as I type.
 So...The kids' school collected money for "leumekia" (lincoln's words, not mine) and if they got some change (I think I scrounged up about ten cents in the couch cushions or something:)) in their collection box they were able to dress up for disco Friday. So....Friday morning comes and the kids think that THAT is the appropriate time to tell me its disco day. So we threw this together. Oh wow, I think it was for purely my entertainment. Lincoln is such a good sport about things he even put on Ella's bell bottom jeans. He didn't care. And her sweater vest (which is super cute on her and not weird).  So...the funny part is I asked Lincoln if people liked his "costume" when he got home. He kinda looked perplexed and was thoughtful for a minute and said, "No one knew I was dressed up...I took off my peace sign necklace". I wanted to laugh and cry. Well, I think I did both. But I was crying cuz I was laughing so hard. Who in their right mind thinks I would put my kid in this on a regular basis?
And this picture off in no-man's land.... What is this doing here? Thanks blogger. ENJOY!