Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What we've been up to....

These pictures above are SOME of my garage sale finds. My friend, Mercy, and I went to a country club garage sale two days in a row. It was actually quite disappointing only because I scored BIG TIME in previous years. It's all about the hunt. Saving money is extremely nice...but the hunt. Ah, the hunt. It's a serious high. As far as the "C" silver bucket goes I am going to use it as my outgoing mail holder. It needs a serious polish but is from Pottery barn and is very heavy and nice and my favorite thing that I got. Two bucks! YES! Should have talked 'em down. And I love the mirror. I have realized that my house is becoming a pool of black, tan, and white. I really need some splashes of color so my goal is to introduce little accent colors into my monochromatic rooms. I hope to paint this mirror. I will post pics when that happens. Hopefully it won't be like that first item in picture #1 which is a black tri-fold grid thing that I bought about two years ago at the same garage sale and have not figured out what to do with it yet. Any ideas????
The perfect napping place for someone as tiny as Ella. Another garage sale find that I redid. I bought this bench about two years ago and it is one of my favorite things in my house. It has lots of character. You can't really see it in the pic though. I repainted and re-covered it. It's about two feet wide I couldn't believe Ella could sleep so comfortably on it.

Happy Birthday sweetheart! J turned 33 on Sunday. Lincoln made him several cards all with wintergreen lifesavers (the most accessible "candy") shoved inside.
Making waffles on Sunday afternoon. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my waffle iron. Making waffles has taken on a new meaning since receiving my waffle iron for Christmas. It heats up in seconds and it only takes about 2-4 min. per waffle to cook .And it makes them crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. Yum. I just add a little powdered sugar and vanilla to the Bisquick and you have delicious sweet waffles.
Quincy's long bangs were driving me nuts. Oh, and the thick patch in the back. So he got a his first haircut. This is after the haircut. He's so beautiful.
Before the haircut.

Patch in the back.
It's azalea time at Hickory Hill Farm. Beautiful. They are in full bloom and you've got to enjoy them while you can because they will be gone in a matter of days.

Jason camped with the kids about two weekends ago. They ventured all the way over to Grandma and Grandpa Jewkes' house. :) The Hutchings invited us to come along. It was the kids first time actually sleeping all night in a tent. Quincy and I slept at home. I am so glad because it was about 20 degrees when they woke up. Jason said it was a bit of a rough night.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Lincoln just said, "That's crunk momma".

Monday, April 5, 2010

For your veiwing pleasure

Of course these are all on here on reverse order. I don't get why blogger does that. It's annoying.Anyway, we've had a very eventful past two weeks. I am aware that this is Allred overload. Sorry. And I posted another one below this post.

The Easter egg hunt at Grandma and Grandpa Allred's was so much fun. The kids raked in plenty of candy for me! :) And the tradition of putting jelly beans on the trampoline was Link's favorite part.

Baby Quincy not a fan of the tramp/. I would just like to note that he and I are both balding. UGH. There is gobs of hair in my shower daily and in his crib. Sad. The sepia pic is just a reminder of how plentiful his hair was.
Handsome Mr. Allred.

Grandma Jewkes took Ella out on a date to cousin Kailey's ballet recital and then to ice cream.
We took a last minute trip down to St. Simon's Island last week.
All the monkeys. To think we all jammed into a 12 passenger van to go down. There were four kids in the back row, three in the next row, then three adults in the next and then two adults in the front. It was kind of loud. Kind of.
I can't get them to dress alike that often. This was the best pic I could get.
This huge pelican must've been a 40 lb. creature. It was HUGE and we just walked right up to it on the pier.

We had way too much with the jet bath. All we had to do was add a little dish soap and the jets did all the work.
Just a little cute crack.

We like crack.
Lukey in goggle is for some reason hilarious. Look at his ears. So cute.

At home in the bath with Quincy. This is their first bath together. Are you supposed to put the bumbo in the bath? Probably not.

Finally, this Easter egg hunt was on the 27th or March at a local neighborhood. It was FREEZING. I would just like to note that today it is 90 degrees. UGH. Way too hot for April.

Country Living

These pictures should make you jealous! :) Although it can be quite frustrating to live so far out.....there is unprecedented beauty. I took these a couple weeks ago. It had been a dark rainy day and then out of no where the sun came out. Along with sun were two very vivid rainbows. All the while it was still raining. Take into consideration that these were taken by a VERY unskilled photographer- me- and with my little canon. Imagine if I had real skills! We got to witness and once a year beautiful moment- the Japanese magnolias. This was not my tree. Oh, how I wish it were. They only last about a week and the blossoms are majestic.