Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Debilitating Blizzard of 2011 :)

Seriously debilitating. :) We are going on three days of school being cancelled. UGH. That's the worst part. And everyone around is going stir crazy b/c they are scared to drive on the ice. I laughed at that. I often laugh in the face of fear. :) Alas, I ate some humble pie today when I took the kids to McDonald's for a release from the prison of the house and I got stuck on a huge patch of ice in the parking lot. Preceded by a nice fall flat on my back. To which Lincoln chuckled with delight. A nice chivalrous man gave the van a little push and I was off the patch of ice. Thanks bud!
So we drove to Grandma and Grandpa Allred's for some snow fun. Which included being pulled behind the four wheeler/truck thingie by a sled. Jason thought he should try a mixture of surfing and sledding. It didn't work out so well.
Does this pic kind of give you an idea of what we were doing? Link and Hayden are in the sled.
The Hutchings even braved the ice-y roads to have a little fun.

Sledding first thing in the morning at Grandma and Grandpa Jewkes'.
This facial expression is why I call her angel. :)
Jason did all the work. I did all the watching. HA! Fun Fun. There is hardly any snow. I know. But there's so much ice everywhere that it made the hills plenty slippery.

Lincoln making silly faces in the truck.

Ella enjoying a little snack of ice chips.

Now moving on.......

Over New Year's we went up to north GA and rented a house courtesy of mom and dad Jewkes (thanks mom and dad for that Christmas present!!!). We were nice enough to invite the Hutchings and Forsyths. :) It was really fun. WE had so many fun things planned from tennis, to hiking, to playing soccer. The plans were foiled when on the 2nd day it rained the.whole.day. Sooo...we enjoyed the finer things in life- McDonald's. Jason even ate two cheeseburgers and fries and hot chocolate. It was big. For those of you know Jason you know how big this is.

The first day it was decent enough so the guys went golfing and we entertained the kids at the park.
Emily, Mercy, me and the cutest boy in the world- Quincy.

All the kids. There were 10. Looking at this picture I can't believe we all stayed in a 4 bedroom place. It was actually quite peaceful.
Quincy's favorite boy of the weekend- Mitchell.
Soccer scrimmage with the kids. Mitchell and I played against Emily and Mercy and a few kids. Victorious!!!!!! My Griffin Bears' days paid off. :)

Now back to the blizzard. Are you with me? I know, its confusing. I am all over the place with this post. I don't have the energy to move everything around. Here is Ella again...insisting she must wear sunglasses to play in the snow.

Kailey and the kiddos jumping on the trampoline with the snow.

Back to our New Year's now....:).....all the little monkeys not jumping on the bed....but watching a movie in peace while the adults played games. So sweet.

And just two random pictures of Ella pulling Q around in the wagon. Could this last pic be any cuter???

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The long-awaited, much anticipated, Christmas post

This is long-awaited and much anticipated, right? Fans....right? I feel like my blog is falling on deaf ears. Oh well. I live a well-documented life and that's important to me. So here we go...The Allred Christmas Season: Part One. Once again, the pics are backwards....I really need to get a handle on that.

Obviously the kids got bikes for Christmas from Santa. And he brought them each a fish. They each got their own fish jar and the makings of a fish home. They are disgusting and murky as I speak. Gross. What was I thinking? Anywho....Jason and I feared (I mean Santa feared) that the kids would be disappointed in the bikes since neither of them even mentioned wanting one. But, as good parents often do {*chuckle*}, they give their kids what they want them to have. Jason and I wanted them to have things that encourage them to be outside. So, this is what they got. And when Ella got it she said, "Oh....I didn't know I wanted a bike! ". How hilarious. She just knew that Santa was supposed to bring her things she wanted. But this was said in total happiness, not disappointment. YEAH! Proud mommy moment.
Each kid with their Betta fish. Ella named hers Brianna (which she wants to name our baby girl if we ever have one) and Lincoln named his....can't remember.

Lincoln not sure why he ended up with a bike from Santa.

The running of the bulls....er...... kids.

Grandma and Grandpa Jewkes were in CO for the Christmas season and since it was a "Jewkes" year we spent the night at Mom and Dad's with the Hutchings and had Christmas morning together. It was fun to have a crowd and would have been lonely on our own.

Not a good picture of the pre-rip-apart-my-presents scene. The Christmas tree isn't even in it. But you get the idea.

This was the Sunday before Christmas that I deemed Christmas Sunday. I am in charge of those things you know. :) So, I coordinated the kiddos and they looked scrumptious. Quincy loved being poked in the ear by Lincoln. See?

These two pics were the best we could manage as we were running out the door to 9 a.m. church. Cute a little buttons!