Sunday, October 31, 2010

Should I really be glad that Halloween is over? It is a sure sign that I am getting old and grumpy. I usually love love love Halloween. This year it just felt like a lot of work.


I usually really get into the kids costumes. I didn't even really enjoy it this year (not that this holiday is for me...I get it. I know its a kids' holiday). I somehow got succored into (by my own money-saving devices) making Lincoln a robot costume. I ended up killing myself -while watching six kids- and making the entire thing on Thursday. My finger tip still hurts from all the spray painting. What good mom waits until the night before the party? Result: It ended up being very mediocre. And to add insult to injury, Lincoln wore it for maybe 30 minutes between the two days of Halloween marathon-ing. He hated it. In fact, none of my kids liked wearing their costumes. Next year maybe we will just T-O-T ing in real clothes.

No, this is not us. I wish. I was not that creative or cool when it came to dressing up for one of the funnest parties I have EVER been too. The Forsyths (on left) had an adults only (that says fun right there) Halloween scavenger hunt party. Serious fun. My team won the scavenger hunt. We had some very worthy opponents though. This rockin couple with the Forsyths is Emily and Jake. They deservedly won the costume contest.

We were kind of lame this year. We waited until the last minute and ended up throwing something together. Jason was Richard Simmons and I was a fat heifer. Get it? I know, it's a stretch. This was our scavenger hunt group. Tons of fun. Our poor Sienna took a beating (we could smell the brakes burning) but it was well worth the victory!

Me going crazy at Party City. I was trying in to figure out one of the clues while my team members waited in the car. I could have made up the trifecta of "Kiss" with Emily and Jake with that tongue. Wowsers. Put it away.

This was our family the same night. (Yes, it was a Halloween marathon of sorts the entire weekend...except without the medal much to my chagrin. I deserve one. Every mom does.) This is at the Hampton Halloween T-O-T ing night. This is one of the locations of Allred Family Dentistry that Jason manages. Here we are: little duck (how fitting, right?), clearance witch from last year's rack, and homemade disappointment of a robot. Oh, and Richard Simmons of course.

The happiest boy ever in his daddy's arms. It's true.

Our very uncreative pumpkins.

No, this was not after a torture session at the Allreds. Unless you count a forced photo-op as torture.....which, this group just might. Nope, it's just another day in the life of children throwing fits because...blah blah blah. You fill in the blank. Good times.

Here is Allred's version of painless camping. Setting up "camp" on the back porch, having hot chocolate and watching a movie thirty minutes later then bed time. No one complained about the disingenuous experience. They all thought it was a great camping experience.

So glad Hello Kitty could make it. I am even happier that Ella remembered to capture her little buddy.

How precious is this little angelic face?

Ella could not love mommy-ing Quincy any more. Poor ( I mean lucky) kid.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The kids are out for fall break this entire week PLUS next Monday. Do you hear disappointment in my voice? Nah.... :) It is very hard having them all at home when I am so used to them being at school for a portion of the day. So, we took advantage of their time off and went to the Atlanta zoo with our cousins.

Ella boarding the ridiculously short and over-priced train.

The kids LOVED the petting zoo.
They all had a very rushed haircut before zoo day. I hate it but Lincoln (the 3rd to get clipped) really suffered. See? His hair was getting soooo cute and long. I loved it and I totally butchered it. UGH. He doesn't even care. But I think he overheard me telling someone that I messed it up and he innocently/self-consciously asked, "Mom, what does my haircut look like?". I could've responded, "Well, Link, have you seen 'Dumb and Dumber'?".

These are our little baby birds trying to get a worm from their mommies.

Self-proclaimed super model Ella was kind enough to pose with her plebeian cousins. Get it girl!

Weird but somehow cute.

Even though this picture is hard to look b/c of the blurry factor, it's the cutest little facial expression I have ever seen. Oh my gosh....if only I could make a cast of this little face just like this. He's going to be one in less then a month. *Sniffle*. I CANNOT believe it. Everyone says that, but I am FO REAL. It seems like just last month that I had to wake Jason up at 3:15 a.m. to get him to take me to the hospital and then bam!- Quincy was here. I still find myself looking at the 0-3 mo. section in the baby dept. still thinking he might be able to fit into that size.

I just have to brag a little a give a little tip at the same time. So, I am not usually one to dress my kids up in holiday wear. Really, I am not. But if I see something cute and cheap, I will go for it. So every year I go out about 2-3 days after Halloween and shop all the bargains. Last year my best finds were at Marshall's. I found tons of AWESOME decor (and tasteful) and this cute 3 pc. outfit for $5. Can't beat that! Ella is in love with it.

Happy Fall Ya'll!