Tuesday, July 17, 2012

So...As I was saying....

We went to the Bahamas. Right. That's where I left off when I blogged last time a month ago.
This was another towel animal- an elephant. The kids were so ecstatic over these friends that were in our cabin nightly.

So the second stop on our Bahamas cruise was Nassau. We heard about the beach called Paradise Island (not an island by the way) and were determined to get there. So....we rented two mo-peds. Let me tell you about scary.

1) driving in a foreign country. period.
2) driving on the other side of the road
3) driving alongside maniacs
4) driving in a country where there's not a lot of law enforcement
5) driving a moped (this in general scares me) where if you get in a wreck you are marred for life
6) The roads were an eye sore!!!!!! It was pretty much a collection of pot holes and metal coverings over holes that were too big to be driven on. SCARY!!!!! Plus there were random piles of gravel all over (MAJOR spin out potential with that!)
7) ***(Putting stars here b/c this one is major) DRIVING WITH ONE OF MY CHILDREN BEHIND ME

So...I was kinda a ball of nerves about this whole moped situation. It turned out ok in the end but very very scary for me. I feel like I am being dramatic about this whole situation but when the cruise line urges you not to rent them b/c of the danger (for all of the reasons above) and then a local says -after we had already rented them mind you- "Go return that! People get hurt everyday here driving those!". I am not typically a cautious person so it REALLY was scary.
Just trust me on that.
 And not to mention the Bahamas does not have the best criminal reputation....so there were lots of thugs.

But.......we found Paradise Island. And it was the most beautiful beach. Ever.

You sunk into the sand...the soft, white sand. No shells. No rocks. Just pure, soft sand. The kind you wanna dig your toes into.
Annnnnd, the waves were HUGE. Maybe a little too big even. It was the first time I have actually been into the ocean, jumping waves since I was a kid.
Posted by PicasaOur mo-peds. Don't we look fierce!?!? :)

Oh my gosh. Why am I putting these pics on? Because that's the kind of blogger I am. This one above is me taking the "Micheal Jackson's Thriller" dance class. So fun! Really. It was.
Ella also took a disco dance class (before mine even!) and worked her groove thang on stage. Amongst all adults, the girl showed some serious gumption. People were cheering for her like crazy!

Me participating in a Battle of the sexes game. I was inferior.

Ella wearing makeup on our "fancy" dinner night. She was happy, I just asked her to hold still.

The two guys just adored our little monkeys. Every night Ketu and buddy (can't remember his name?) would bring them whatever they wanted- crayons, desserts, whatever. When the crew would do their little choreo'd dance, these waiters would get Link and Ella up and ask them to dance with them.
Did I mention Quincy and Charlotte stayed behind with Grandma? Yup. They loved every minute of Poppy and Grandma's attention. They had nonstop fun. But Quincy was pretty glad to see us.
 And so were Grandma and Poppy. :)
This was the kids the first night of being back. They usually do not sleep together....but they really missed each other.


Meredith said...

We went on our honeymoon to paradise island. :) So beautiful there!

Jessica Sedgwick said...

I've been waiting for another update! That beach was beautiful. And cute kids. :)