Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Birthday to my old fart of a husband :)

                                                           Jason turned 35 in April.
I like to tease him about how old he is. Being seven years younger (for four months) I am entitled to that.
There is a lot of pics coming...ranging from cute, to funny, to weird. This one- Lincoln is upset b/c he wants to open Jason's presents. Typical. Little did he know I was taking this b/c of the bag behind him. He "wrapped" this present and wrote "too jasen from lincoln". I just thought it was cute.
PS- the correct spelling is J-A-S-O-N ...just to help ya out on that!

What every man wants! New clippers so I can cut his hair! They stink. Turns out I need to return them. They might be able to cut other things, but not hair.

Ella made him a "bunny book" (leftover from Easter) and carved a heart in a play-doh Easter egg. This girl will not go to a birthday party empty-handed.

The kids' (and Jason's) favorite present- Alligator dentist. So cute! Thanks Mom! You open its mouth and one-by-one push the teeth down and it randomly snaps on someone. Quincy is terrified of it and will only observe.

You should've seen the dinner. That's all I gotta say. Yes, I bought him cream puffs for his "cake". This is a man who rarely eats dessert. We had marinated steak and his favorite ranch potatoes and blackberries for dinner. Donchya worry- I treat my man right. :)

The assistant candle-blower-outers.
Is that Charlotte overload? GOOD! Its good for you. Highly recommend it.
Last Saturday our ward had a primary talent show...Ella showed off her piano skills. She played not one but two pieces. I was shocked at how composed she was. She even messed up but pushed through. This was her first time ever playing in a setting like this. This Saturday is her real recital!


Jessica Sedgwick said...

Fun pictures! Ella looks like a pro at the piano :). Charlotte is as cute and chunky as ever. And I love Lincoln's spelling. How funny that he wrote "jasen" instead of "dad".

Jake and Emily Hutchings Family said...

35 is so OLD!!!:)

valentin niño ruiz said...

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